Friday Thoughts

Hello there!

I hope this entry finds you well! It’s been a heck of a week in my house. We have been fighting this cold that our family members have graciously passed to one another, and I am just now starting to feel better. It took a lot out of me; I missed 2 afternoons at work after leaving early. Unfortunately it’s this time of year we often find ourselves sniffling and sneezing, but  what I thought was just exceptionally ferocious seasonal allergies turned out to be a full blown rage monster virus. Even my tiny human was under the weather and unusually cranky-and snotty. Thankfully though, we are coming to a healthier  spot and I am glad to have some energy returning.

I like Fridays because in general they are a sign of something completed and passing, and a time of rest on the horizon. I know that sounds poetic but let’s be real-the work week is over and my chances of sleeping in have dramatically increased. Nash has been sleep-trained (thank God for Babywise by Dr.Ezzo – look it up if you have littles, ESPECIALLY if they are up 78003743 times at night and you feel ragged) so I do get to sleep in until 9 or so when he cooperates and I don’t have to work.

On the topic of rest I’d like to talk about food for a few, since it’s kind of a big deal and we need it to live or something. 😉  I’m currently eating as I please and I have been since I won Golden Gloves back in May this year. I just needed some time off. I’m about to transition into a period of clean eating and saying a brief goodbye to some of the foods I have been indulging in, and its nerve wracking but I’m excited. I think we have been programmed to associate losing weight and being healthy with each other, but in reality you don’t always have to lose weight to be healthy. For example, I am about 150 pounds which is really hard for me to say, but my doctor spends a lot of time reassuring me that I am totally healthy and do not need to lose a pound to be healthier.

I fight at 140ish or less, usually. So to be 150 is quite a step up and away from where my body feels most strong and fast for fighting. I know there is the pressure to be smaller, fitter, leaner, but the dictionary definition of healthy is NOT ‘skinny and small’. If you look it up on Google you will read “in good health”, “to feel well.” So there you go. Do you feel well? If you go in for a check up does everything come back normal? Healthy isn’t a number on a scale, it is peace of mind and a balanced body without sickness or disease. For me, I know I need to clean up what I have been consuming. I have been feeling tired and sluggish and I’ve been sick for a couple days. Not to mention I am ready to get back into the athlete mindset required to fight. It’s been too long and I’m ready to come back!

So, to wrap it up, I just felt it was really important to make that brief little point that you may have some curves or be on the higher end of your comfort spectrum concerning weight, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t healthy. I can still go several rounds in sparring or hitting the heavy bag, and I can usually out-work my training partner on an average day. Your weight is not who you are, or everything you have accomplished. Losing poundage with the right intention is great, but BEING here trumps weight loss every time.

Stay healthy and Happy Friday!!


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