Rabbit Trails

Hey guys!

Today is thankfully my ‘Friday,’ and let me tell you, it’s been a long week since Monday (2 whole days!). I managed to tighten up my back muscles so much that I’m as stiff as a board. FYI, you shouldn’t jump back into running 5k’s after being semi-couched for a couple months. No bueno yo. And as if that’s not enough, I also smoked a beautiful 10 point buck last night. Which made the rest of my back tense and sore this morning. I basically looked like a pumpkin rolling down a short hill as I got out of bed a 5:45AM. Attractive, I know. I love to hunt and I’ve shot 2 bucks in my life, neither even close to this big or proportionate.I won’t lie to you, a little redneck came out of me as I bawled over the fact that I wasted perfectly good backstraps and a killer mount.  bbe41fd356262e577ea1819959728d1e290495a6_hqBut hey, at least he died a quick death…poor guy didn’t make it but 2 feet into the grassy ditch off the side of the road. I apologize to my weak stomached readers out there, but one bright spot was the fact that I broke his antler clean off and was able to swipe it off the side of the road and keep it. Matthew even did me the kindness of taking a video of me sobbing over the fact that it was a 10 point buck, which is actually pretty funny now that the initial grief is over. One thing I know for sure, I’m definitely an ugly crier. Wins all around for me!

Also, have some memes! I have scattered them throughout for your entertainment and enjoyment. Awful-Memes

Anyway, I just glanced out the window and noticed that pretty white snowflakes are falling. Granted it is also wet and rainy sleet-ish, but every year that snow surprises me with its peaceful beauty. It’s only October, but in Northern Michigan snow is on the ground about 3/4 of the year so I’m not phased. I love it actually, I don’imagest think I’d like to live in a place where there aren’t 4 seasons. Our summers are beautiful but no where else in the world is it so colorful and vibrant in the fall. The smell of trees and the shift in seasons is one of my favorite things. Not to mention I’m a fall baby, so my birthday sweetens the deal too. I’ve always been intrigued and enamored with snowflakes too – they are so delicate but absolutely beautiful and complex. I doodle them sometimes. I even wear a snowflake necklace year round, which I have for years. Mostly because it’s pretty, partly because Nora Fries wears one in the Batman comics and I always loved it, and partly because it reminds me the I’ve been washed white as snow thanks to my homie JC. BTW- He knows me so I know it’s cool if I call Him that.

This meme tho…heh heh heh heh

I will confess, I have no clue where I’m going with this today. I just know that I’m full of thoughts and emotions today and they need to go somewhere, lucky you. Matthew and I had a bit of a disagreement over the weekend (okay, a full blown argument), and I told him I wanted him to go to counseling with me over it. And you know how I know he loves me? HE WENT. You guys, this is one of those “I do not talk” “I have no emotions” “I will not ever go to a shrink ever” kinda guys I’m talking about. He didn’t protest, he didn’t complain, he wasn’t late. He showed up early and went in with me and actually talked. I feel like a lucky girl. "She says I'm indecisive,but I don't know." He wasn’t angry with me at all. He did bring me 2 bouquets of flowers the evening following the fight too, one for “being an idiot” and another “because I love you.” If I ever doubted him before, I do not now. This guy loves me. And I don’t need to hear him say it because his actions show it. Shout out to you, Matthew, you’re super hot and I love you! Just thought I’d throw this little scenario out there. Ladies, appreciate what your man is willing to do for you. He also came to my rescue last night after the deer situation and handled my ugly-crying emotional breakdown. It took a long time and I feel like I fought hard for him, but I ended with the jackpot in this guy. You da real MVP babe! 😉

On another note, I don’t think I’m brave enough to let him read any of my posts. lol Not going to  lie about my chicken status…I hesitate to share the link to my page on my social media pages just because I pour out some personal details in here that many people I know aren’t aware of. It’s a bit intimate to write about your life for total strangers and to open up and share your thoughts, especially in a society where everyone claims to be non-judgmental, yet roasts you at every opportunity they get.

I decided the theme for today’s entry is rabbit trails…fitting, I think. Wabbit season..heh heh. 411 elmerfuddSorry. lol Hope you guys are having a better week than me. Find something to laugh about today, I’m okay if it’s at my unfortunate luck. 🙂

Toodles yo.




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