Hi everyone!

Seems like it has been ages since I last communicated my existence to you all, but no worries, I am alive and well despite the week long hiatus that I am now realizing wasn’t really all that long…oh well! it has been the longest week-weekend of my life, I had 5 consecutive days off in a row and now it feels like work is my weekend. We are officially moved into our new apartment! Yay! It’s been a long trip getting to this point with many obstacles and stress but it was worth it. We are, according to traditional values, doing absolutely everything out of order. At the end of the day though, I’m confident in the decisions we have made as a family unit and I’m glad for all of the support our friends and family have shown us. I have learned a lot over the last grueling 5 days of my life, and I’m happy to share some of that adventure with you!

Moving is exhausting. I have always been excited to move somewhere new. I’ve never moved besides from my parents’ to my Grandma’s, where I already spent every weekend and summer. So this was a new process and I’ve been so excited anticipating it for over a month in advance. It’s beautiful too, the perfect color scheme and everything. There isn’t much I would change if I could have designed it myself either…it’s a brand new building and we are the very first to live in it.

As a little kid I loved playing with Barbies, but mostly just setting up their houses and placing all the objects. This was the adult version of that to me, and at first it was a little nostalgic and I took a minute to celebrate a dream of mine coming true. I get to decorate, arrange, and place everything the way I want! And that part has been fun. My kitchen is AMAAZINGGGG! If you know me, you know I love to cook and bake so a nice kitchen is another dream come true. It’s been really exciting, but like I mentioned above, it is exhausting.

I really underestimated how tired I would be. I’m pretty sure I spent more brain power and energy on this move than I ever did in 4 years of college. Stress and all, and that says something because I had to re-take algebra in college lol (Math hates me and I’m okay with that because I hate it too). Matthew had to work on Friday, so my muscle was absent for the day. I got the keys at 8:45AM and I was determined not to spend one more night at my Grandma’s house, so at that point it was game on. Let me just brag on myself for a minute…this chick right here packed EVERYTHING up by herself and then carried every single box and thing UP 20 stairs to the second floor by HER SELF! This includes Nash’s really heavy wooden dresser drawers full of his clothes and boxes of books and all kinds of other miscellaneous things.

By the time Matthew got out, all the was left were the actual dressers and our bed (and his 2 whole totes of stuff + extra clothes) and the couch. My legs are dead and my back is on fireeee but we got to stay in our own place that night. I’m pretty proud of that.

We’ve begun to hang pictures on the walls and settle in, but my brain is busy thinking, rethinking, and probably overthinking every detail of everything I have to do. We also changed the way we do Nash’s mornings since he’s not at Munga’s house anymore. I have to be to work by 6:45 and Matthew by 7, so we got up extra early today to get everything ready and to pack Nash up. I was so nervous about this change since he’s been a great sleeper..bed at 8PM and wake at 8:30/9AM. Thankfully, he did great and laid back down! My grandparents don’t get up real early because they don’t have to. I was relieved when he just snuggled up and slept some more. It’s an incredible belssing for us for Nash to be with my Grandparents while we work. I don’t trust many people with him, and child care is really expensive. I know she will honor my wishes and that I can count on her to protect him and discipline him the way I would. So basically, I just wanted her to be able to sleep in like usual and not have him up at 6AM. It worked great.

All in all everything went well, but the coordinating and packing, unpacking, hauling, 5 billion trips up and down stairs, running after a toddler, running to the store for this thing and that thing, that was exhausting. Not to mention we were pressed for time because we had Matthew’s family’s pictures and Christmas most of the day Saturday, and Friday evening the big Fall Festival at our church.

I am tired you guys. Mentally. Physically. Drained. But tonight I will pick up Nash, grocery shop, and then go home to my very own place with the boys I love most. That thought makes the noise a little quieter, and my heart much happier.

If you’ve been waiting to hear from me, please be patient friends, it’s been a crazy one! Thanks!


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