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Hi All!

It was a big day for me! I finally shared my blog with you all, so it’s Facebook official now. I’m thrilled with the responses and love I’ve received too, you’ve all be so kind and I truly appreciate all the support. With that said, I thought I’d share some of my most recent projects with you cuz I have been KILLIN’ it guys!

So here is my first piece that I did. I will add more pictures later of it finished in our house, but I unfortunately don’t have any photos of it before. This sucker is HEAVVYYY. Heavy enough that we can’t move it unless we take the drawers out of it. This was the first piece I actually took time to do the chalk paint process on. It turned out awesome, if I don’t say so myself. The hardest part was cleaning the entire thing since there were so many little grooves in every drawer. It’s really important to get the grime off of these if you want the paint to stick (more on that below). I switched out the hardware and I picked a bunch of cheap little handles and bought some copper spray paint and lightly sprayed them with it. I wasn’t totally sure it’d turn out well, but to my delight it sure did. Taa-daaa! I was so happy with this piece. I bought if for $50 off FB marketplace (which is where I’ve purchased and sold everything I’ve done!) and it is meant to be a dresser. I knew with its length it could very well be a buffet too, but I made it into a perfect TV stand for our living room. It fits perfectly and the color is subtle but brightens up the space. 5 stars baby, tens across my board!

Here is project #2 -ish. I actually did this set during the buffet dresser thing above simultaneously, but this is the first set I sold. I picked them up for $50 from a sweet lady whose dad had them in his little cabin in the woods. It was actually a beautiful drive out there too, one of the most gorgeous bright blue lakes was nestled in the thick trees and surrounded by the winding dirt road. We got them loaded up Tetris-style in the back of Matthew’s truck (I am like a fan girl watching him load this stuff, lol) and brought them home. Since they hung out in an old musty cabin for a few years I had to clean them out real well and air them out for a day or two outside. I sanded these ones down real well because they had some wear and tear. Then, I picked up some discount priced paint from Home Depot for $2 and some paint rollers and painted them! I sold this set for $200. I made $148!! If you didn’t know it already, you can get really cheap paint at Home Depot and probably Lowe’s that people have sampled and brought back. They are marked way down and that’s how I got this great deal, although I don’t recommend using wall paint for furniture.

Here is my beast of a kitchen hutch. This sucker took me some major time. I’m not sure if it was because it was just a big piece or because there were a lot of weird angles I had to get into to paint everything evenly, but I wanted to give up on this one. The bottom half was so heavy too. I had a hard time moving it on my own which just prolonged the whole process. I tried a different brand of chalk paint that was cheaper than the Annie Sloan I used on my buffet/dresser, just to see if it would work just as well. The big difference was that I still had to sand the surfaces down and clean them really well with the Home Depot brand of chalk paint. Annie Sloan is no prep like sanding, just make sure the surface is clean. Strike one. The other issue was that the color I chose was a little lighter and just weird. I wanted a light cement gray, and for some reason it just looked purple-ish to me. I am not a fan of purple. Only once in a great great while,but I would never, ever have purple furniture or blankets, decor, etc in my house. It’s not me. So this kind of frustrated me. Then I thought I’d get creative and give it some character by adding a two-toned look to it, so I added swipes of my duck-egg blue which is what buffet/dresser thing is in. Did not help. Made it worse. Strike two.

Once I finally got the thing painted, thankfully my arms didn’t fall off, I ended up distressing it in places and it looked okay but I was depressed over the way it turned out overall. I used a darker wax on it too and it just made it look dirty and dingy to me. It just didn’t WOW me like my other pieces had. I was really bummed too because I had been dying to do a hutch like this. Then Munga mentioned taking the old hardware from my buffet/dresser thing and trying it on the hutch, and that was our ace. I got so lucky, they worked great and brought that old farmhouse antique look out that I was aiming for.


verall, I didn’t think anyone would be interested and that I’d have to sell it for cheap, but I ended up getting $200 out of it. I made a profit of about $100 on it, and I was so happy to see it go. The lady I bought it from dressed it up and decorated it and even sent me a picture of it in her home, and she did a beautiful job, it looked perfect there. My heart is so full when I see my projects well loved! Sadly another I have no before and afters of 😦

#4! I loved this piece. It was a beautiful dresser before (I suck at the before pictures thing guys, I’m sorry) and I was willing to sue my pretty, expensive paint on it to make more profit. I looked everywhere for handles to replace the original hardware, but not even Amazon could recuse me here. They were an odd size stores didn’t carry, so I took my trusty copper spray paint and sprayed the originals, hoping for the best. Winner! They looked great, even with what I considered an outdated style. I put $235 on it, and sold it for $200 after I bought it for $40. $160 profit!

Lastly, this is my most recent project. And look! I have before pictures!! Bought this heavy duty thing for $50 from a friend’s parents. I had no idea how solid it was, but it was a great buy. I bought some more Annie Sloan chalk paint, this time in the color Graphite. It’s really dark so I was nervous about it but it was a risk I’m glad I took. I did one thin coat and it was so cool I didn’t even bother to add more. I barley roughed up and distressed the edges. At this stage everyone was like, whoa, it’s aweome, keep it that way!

But I had more plans. Annie Sloan is a real person, and she has cool Youtube videos and tutorials. I saw one where she used gold gilding paste stuff, and I had to have it. I love the copper look, so that’s my go-to. I picked some up and started adding it, and it completed the look. The whole piece looks like its made of old copper. I just loved the outcome here. We had a hard couple weeks debating on whether we should keep it or sell it. It was too heavy for Matthew and I to carry up our steep stairs ourselves to our second floor apartment, so I just put it online at the price I really wanted and waited. Within 4 hours it had over 400 views and several inquiries. The lady who ended up buying it offered me the full price I asked if we could deliver it to her, and I accepted. When we got there She paid me $10 more than I even asked for gas. $360! This piece was well worth it. It’s beautiful, and I was really proud of it.

So there you have them! My DIY projects as of late. If you read the post I made previously called The Bench, you know that I am by no means a DIY guru. This seems to work for me though because I really have a fascination and appreciation for furniture, and paint is my art medium of choice. I’ve listed below the stuff I used in case you were wondering. I think I will start doing pieces by request as well, so if you have one in mind and it’s a reasonable, local location let me know!

Thanks again everyone! I love to hear your thoughts and feedback always, so send it my way. And thank you again for the open arms and open minds that have been exposed to my baby-blog now. You rock!



Annie Sloan Chalk Paint – Advantage here is that Annie Sloan’s brand paint is no-priming and prep necessary. No sanding, stripping, etc. Just clean the surface really well. Disadvantage – it’s expensive.

Annie Sloan Gilding Paste – Not sure if it’s actually called paste but its super easy to use on almost anything. Watch Annie Sloan gilding tutorial on YouTube!

Paint Brushes/Rollers

Annie Sloan Clear Wax – I also used dark wax but clear is easier I think. Also gives the look I like best. Easy peasy; rub it on, wipe it off, repeat.

Screw driver/hammer (opening shutting cans, removing hardware)

Sand paper – Various count grits

Wrapping paper (I used some of this to line the drawers in a couple pieces, but I recommend using actual drawer liners lol)

Spray paint (copper, black)

2 thoughts on “DIY Makeover Projects

  1. You are so cool!

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  2. Great job on your furniture! Each piece is very unique. I’ve given many pieces of furniture a distressed finish, but on the cheap! Lol I enjoyed your post! Good work!

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