Building the Pyramids

Hello lovelies!

It’s Thanksgiving Eve! Happy Thanksgiving for the American readers out there. The one holiday we can finally show our gratitude to others and for life, and then totally annihilate more food than even exists in some parts of the world in one sitting. Classy, am I right? I don’t really care for Thanksgiving food to be honest. Turkey is okay but I’d rather have a rotisserie chicken. I feel like a lard butt eating the mashed potatoes, so I just make myself sweet potatoes (no one else eats them). The stuffing might be my favorite thing actually, but I only like the Stovetop brand. Don’t even get me started on the nasty dumpster slime that is green bean casserole either…my grandma makes it every year and every year I am repulsed. Yuck. I don’t care for the gravy either, so basically I’m here for the pie. And probably the rolls. lol

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Anyway, I wanted to talk about Pyramids today, not turkey. I did have my title as ‘The Tragic Epidemic of Pyramid Schemes and Mommies’ but I felt it was too long and would probably deter a lot of people at first glance. So I decided against it. I do think it is an epidemic though, it seems like every single new mom I friend on Facebook or follower on the ole Insta are selling some miracle weight loss thing. I get a message from one of them at least once a week, and since I am into health and fitness it seems like I’m a good candidate for promoting their brand? I’m not sure. That may be the case but I suspect they also are just trying to build their pyramid. But here’s the thing, these women (some guys, but majority seems to be chicks) are not even aware of what Pyramid schemes are. Or at least they are so brain washed into thinking it’s NOT a pyramid scheme that they are willing to argue over it with you. Sure its a business, but the whole point is to pull people into buying products that are frankly BS, and then recruit more people to sell their BS. You’re building a pyramid darling, and it’s one BS product at a time instead of bricks.  If you’re a visual learner then here you go:

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What else is there to say?? “I just need 4 people to try my new product!” “I have 3 spots left on my team, sign up now!!” I’m sure you get paid right away, but it isn’t a reliable, sustainable paycheck. Not only that, but they tell you that you’re going to be helping people but really you’re just annoying the ever living crap out of us! That’s not right and it’s not fair. I’m not pointing the finger at those who do sell the stuff, but I am going to tear your defense down if you’re going to try to prey on unknowing, uneducated people about weight loss. If you honestly think your pink drink is the source of all health and energy and wellness in your life then I have a wake up call for you, and I’m not sorry.

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As someone who has struggled with food, tried all the diets, fads, wraps, pills, supplements, drinks, etc., I can tell you that you don’t lose weight properly without proper diet and exercise. Period. Nothing you can sell me will change that. I’m sick and tired of seeing people desperate for weight loss and healthier lives being victimized by pyramid scheming companies that make them believe their crappy product will change their lives. I’m sure that there are benefits to some of them, they aren’t all terrible for you. But to make the claims that they do wonders for you and change your life is just ridiculous. I get angry, really righteously angry, because I know what its like to hate your body and to hate what you see in the mirror and to struggle with your weight every second of the day. These products FUEL diet culture and body negativity. 

Let me say that again, in case you missed it. 


There isn’t anything empowering about selling untested, unproven products to people under a shotty business model. I am all about women holding up women and empowering each other, and this is why I’m writing this post. I’m not here to knock your business attempts or whatever you’ve got going on if you’re involved, I’m trying to give you a wake up call. These things can definitely push you to reach out of your comfort zones and use social media to grow a following and make some money, but ladies…where is the integrity in a business that exists solely to sell and recruit? How many people really have life changing results? Is it ethical to sell products that have never been clinically tested or proven to people who are desperately seeking a real, true answer? 

Let me also take a shot at the top of the Pyramid. People who just want to make money, make a semi-useful product with a mediocre performance at best.Don’t bother testing, don’t consider the future employees of the business, they just start recruiting. The dog at the top makes all the money. And as long as you keep trying to recruit people – which is the only way you really make money – then they keep making money and do nothing for it. Not only that, but they falsely market their product and target Moms and young women trying to spend more time with family or make a few extra dollars. The top dog manipulates and sells as much as possible so that they can sit back and reap $ off actual hard working people. The ladies I see selling this stuff are great people, great moms, but misled and suddenly really annoying. I don’t respond because I stand for true health and fitness, not a detox tea promising me I’ll be skinny in the morning. 

If you still want to argue with me, here are some actual reviews and breakdowns of some common schemes by legit bloggers who have actually studied nutrition and tried them:

(P.S. Don’t go clicking on the ads that will probably be displayed in these websites for diets or supplements either! Also, there is one site that pitches their version of at home money making but ignore that too for now, their review is what’s important. Just reaadd)

I see alot of my friends posting about this one. The infamous ‘Pink Drink’. Well, sadly it’s just caffeine and garcina cambogia which is just an appetite suppressant. You know what else is an appetite suppressant? Actual food that’s healthy and filling and fuels your metabolism. Eat right and often enough and you won’t be hungry or dragging your butt tired! Wow!

Herbalife…huge, popular, full of synthetic and corn based ingredients. YUM

Image result for itworks

I’ll give a little credit to It Works! for their ingredients. They do have a lot of healthy herbs included in their greens stuff, but I’d still recommend an actual green smoothie over it. I also would like to say that I have tried their wraps and my skin was smooth but I didn’t see any big difference for the price they charge…and they say to use it in addition to a healthy active lifestyle, so I used it during peak training camp for Golden Gloves. Didn’t make me look anymore shredded. $100 for slightly smoother skin, worth it, right? Don’t have any weight loss expectations here, folks. Also..probably 10/10 for most annoying ‘ambassadors’ and ‘entrepreneurs’.

So those are 3 of the big ones I see all the time. I’m sorry not sorry if this post hurts feelings. People need to be aware that what they eat and how much exercise they get is the #1 factor in weight loss. Not supplements or substitutions or anything else. Shakes and meal replacements might work, heck Keto might even work for you to shed those pounds but they do not teach you how to maintain the loss. That’s the biggest downfall of all of the diets out there. Balance is key, people. Fad diets teach you to rely on extremes for immediate results. 

My girls selling this stuff – I am sorry if you got roped into this and you believed whole heartedly in a product of empty promises. I’m sorry that the company people above you weren’t honest or direct with that information. I applaud your drive and willingness to step out of your comfort zone and build your own business, that takes guts. I understand wanting to stay home with your babies too, if you have any. But please, don’t settle for an income based on the diet industry or a Multi Level Marketing company if you can help it. 

What the heck is the real problem? I think the direct issue is that a middle class family cannot survive on one income alone. It used to be that the Mom always got the opportunity to stay home with the kids if she wanted to. I believe a woman should be able to stay at home with her little ones! That’s the most crucial time in their little lives. It’s awesome if you’re career oriented and want to work, but daycare shouldn’t be a ridiculous cost either. I won’t get political, but those are the issues I think that have truly caused these ‘from home businesses’ to pop up. In addition to the boom in social media and an obese nation begging for an easy solution, of course. I’m not going to keep you for an additional 5,000 words, but please, think about these things and be considerate of the people you’d have to harass to make any money off an MLM. No matter which way you look at it, they’re pyramid schemes. Expensive, preying, dishonest pyramid schemes. 

I hope you don’t hate me, friends! I just get really passionate and upset when I see people hurting and these huge scheming companies swoop in to offer them empty promises and take their money. Let me know what you all think too in the comments. 

Happy Thanksgiving! 



Here’s an interesting article about some other MLM’s you might be interested in reading…lots of red flags!

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