Where you at?

Hi everybody!

It’s been over a week since we spoke last, and I’m sorry if you were biting your nails waiting for this post to come along (If you were then I’d love to know that! lol)! I had a bit of a health issue pop up that took my attention for the better part of last week, but I’m on the mend and feeling much better. This will be a little shorter than usual, it’s more of an update than anything else. 

I want to briefly give a shout out to the Mamas out there who have toddlers…you are a freakin’ superstar and I love you. Toddler parenting is much more work than any parenting book I ever read said it would be. I always hear about the tantrums and the terrible two’s but man, nothing prepared me for the venture and journey called potty training! I tried the Oh Crap! Potty training book’s method, and in theory it’s great, but I think it’s going to take my boy a lot longer than her suggested time frames. For a minute there I confused myself with the actual toilet since he peed on me so many times.

Image result for potty training meme

He’s sloooowly getting it, but I think we have a long way to go and I have a lot more work to do to get him there. Long story short, if you’re doing this too hnag in there! I know it’s rough but the one thing I learned about the long long emotionally exhausting frustrating peed filled weekend was that every day comes to an end, and another is sure to begin in the morning. New day, fresh start, fresh Mama. And if you can…savor those smiles and hugs…take pictures of them when they’re sweet and happy and adorable and look at the later when they’re screaming and you about to lose it..lol 

Now, just so everyone knows, I’m working on a new project that will be a little lengthier, possibly a couple posts in entirety, so I’m setting aside my usual rant-writings to bring you some quality work. I also wanted to take a second and apologize if any of my readers out there felt like I was preaching at them…I am a passionate person and when I come to a solution or conclusion for one of my own issues I feel obligated to excitedly share my revelations and epiphanies. The way that I share them is by writing about them, unedited and unfiltered, so if something came off wrong, that wasn’t my intention and I apologize for that. I’m working hard to refine my writing style, keeping in mind that I began this blog to rekindle a love for writing without the rigorous and daunting standards of college writing (that I think is killing the creative process…APA, MLA standards kiss my grits) so that I actually enjoy what I’m talking about. Take what I say and do what you like with it, but just know I mean it all in love and hope to help, never hurt!

A tiny tease for my upcoming projects – the story of a 50+ year marriage that is absolutely out of a story book, and maybe some Christmas how-to’s! 

That’s all for now folks!


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