It’s me, I’m back!

Well hello, hello, hello!

It’s been a minute friends! I’m still working on my bigger project piece for you all, but in the mean time I figured I’d give you something to chew on and pass the time. So much has happened since we last spoke in early December! Christmas, New Years, all that is done and over with and we are 2 weeks deep into 2019. If that ain’t the weirdest thing ever, I don’t know what is – 2019 doesn’t sound right. Wasn’t it like, 2007 yesterday? Something somewhere (probably some meme) said that we’re only 81 years away from the year 3000. That had me going, blew my mind for a split second before I realized that not even my math skills are quite that bad. lol

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and New Years! Our Christmas was so super busy, we finally attended our very last party on December 30th with my parents. No one ever told em that once you have a family of your own you have a duty to visit both sides of said family or else. Not only did I have my Grandma’s big Christmas Eve, and Matthew’s parents’ party the following weekend, but we also had an early Christmas with Matt’s sister back in October (they go to Florida every winter) and my parents failed to bring their presents into the big Christmas Eve shindig so we had to make another trip out their way the day after Matthew’s family. It was nuts. But we did spend our very first Christmas morning together and it was so special. Nash really grasped the concept of presents this year, so he understood that surprise gifts were under all that paper that he actually got to rip and destroy. It rained tractors on us, my boy was in heaven over all the new ones he received.
Mama got the best gift of all though, a brand new commercial grade copper colored KITCHEN AID MIXER baby! I have wanted one of these forever, and Munga finally made my dreams come true. I was certainly surprised, and I feel so blessed. Christmas was a success, though busy and quickly passed.

How about New Years?! Ours was snowed out. I desperately wanted to go out to dinner and have a romantic evening with Matthew (we haven’t been on a date in…in…can’t remember how long! 😦 ) but unfortunately, Michigan had another plan for us. When my big ‘ol Suburban spins in a circle after a crawling left turn, it’s time to go home an park it. We were not about to take chances with Nash man in the truck even on the short trip to and from Munga’s. So, to my despair, we stayed in and spent New Years Eve coloring in our son’s coloring books and indulging in a shared bowl of ramen noodles (a splurge I hardly EVER make). At least we made it to midnight!

Of course, it’s a New year, so we will briefly mention resolutions. Do you have any? I’d love to hear them in the comments if so! I didn’t officially make any, but I really just want to be done with eating disorders and all their drama. It’s a serious process to work through one and come out recovered. I applaud AA members and anyone who has ever battled any sort of addiction, it’s a tremendous undertaking and it speaks volumes of character and discipline to those who win over them day by day. I have days when I feel 100%, I feel great and don’t struggle. But I still have days when I wake up and my thoughts immediately cling to negativity and the struggle over food. I suppose my resolution would be to feel whole and confess it and truly believe it no matter what my weight or size.

So there. I think we are caught up! Over this last weekend my son and I have come down with a nasty virus. Little man had it first. It came on quick as a sudden cough then BOOM I had it, Munga had it, Bumpa had it, and we were all miserable. Sick toddlers are the worst. My sweet little lovebug boy was transformed into a monster after one morning wake up of 330AM. Scared the crap out of us and into the hospital we went after hearing him wheeze several times. Upper Respiratory infection from H-E-double hockey stick. Thankfully though, Matthew’s immune system is rock solid and he spent the entire weekend taking care of us.

Let me just brag on my man for a minute…or the rest of this post. I have been meaning to do that for a while now and he just keeps doing things that are so post-worthy I can’t put it off any more. I got the body aches and shivers something fierce on saturday afternoon…I was crabby and so sick I felt like death. This guy wraps me up and holds me until I fall asleep, then once Nash wakes up he closes the door and lets me sleep for a little while. Mind you, Nash was a rage monster and king of tantrums this weekend. Then, he caters to my every whiney whim.

Normally when I’m sick I’m cranky, sleepy, but I pull through and go about my days as normal. I’m tough. But not this time. I was also a rage monster, or maybe just an emotional roller coaster. Whiney, crabby, on edge, very touchy and sensitive. Me AND Nash. And Matthew just handles it all. I finally felt a little better, and once Nash went to bed Sunday night, I just thanked Matthew for all he did for us. I apologized for being over-emotional and extra needy, and he just smiled at me, and I KID YOU NOT, he says, “You don’t have to thank me. It’s my responsibility to take care of you guys. I want to, I like to. I love you.”

At this moment my jaw would have hit the floor but he just hugged me so it couldn’t. LADIES! This is what it’s all about! I shouldn’t have been so surprised, but I was. That kind of man is rare. We had a rough start, but I have never felt so right in my life. This man LOVES me. Ugly, snorting, coughing, snotty, messy, sick face me. And not only that, but he is beyond an excellent father. Even now, as I speak, he is home being stay at home dad and taking care of our boy (who is thankfully on the mend). He floors me. Last week I missed an afternoon of work to take care of Nash while he was grouchy and sick, so he surprised me with roses. No reason. That same night after I promptly passed out on him on the couch, he carried me to bed. He also snapped a picture of me (why do men take the most unflattering candid photos?? lol) which is actually cuter than the rest of them he’s taken like this. I just love this guy. I fought for him, prayed for him, and begged God for him before I knew who he was, and even after I did. He’s so good. Matthew, I mean. And God. Maybe the next post I’ll tell you the story of how Matthew and I came to be. It’s certainly not the romance story I had envisioned as a kid, but what it has led to is better than anything I could have dreamed up.

Anyway, I didn’t mean to make you jealous if I did, but you probably should be. My man is the bee’s knees! I do want to spark hope out there for all you single ladies; if you’re struggling with singleness, it does get better, and if its a true desire in your heart God probably put it there, and He’s not about disappointments.

Happy New Year, friends!!

Til next time!


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